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Local Search Positioning Rebrand

Local Search Positioning gives you access to an SEO with a perfect blend of automated machine activity and human intervention. While the machine part takes care of non-subjective, tedious, and redundant tasks, the human half applies experience-based skills to implement the campaign effectively. Integrating automation and human intervention allows clients to increase productivity, attract new business, as well as reduce costs.

You can be part of this by joining our White Label SEO Reseller Program.

As a white label SEO reseller, you can offer our SEO products as your own. This means the outsource or backend (us) is confidential and undetectable by your end client. You can be a Social Media Optimization provider, content writing service, video marketer, or involved in mass classified postings and be a Local Search Positioning reseller with access to complementary SEO services that can truly benefit your existing clientele.

Imagine having a proprietary automated SEO solution and service under your own name without having to pay huge overheads. This is what our reseller program offers. Instead of referring your clients to an SEO agency, hoping to get a small commission, you get 25% right off the top line billing when you sign up to be a reseller for Local Search Positioning.

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